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The choice of knife materials is based on 40 years of experience in knife making. The quality and look are important. You find good materials for a quality knife from my online shop. From the selection you can find different knife materials as for example forged knife blades, materials for knife handle (sallow, curly-grained wood, ebony, jet and so on), knife tuft leather and mountings.
I plan and make my own knife mountings. First I make a model out of wax and after that I cast them from silver or brass. They are steady and of high quality. Good mountings give the shafts a steadiness, tenability and dignity.
In my selection you can now also find blades and ready-made mountings from Veijo Käpylä and Laurin Metalli Oy.


Siirry tuoteryhmään Puukonterät
Knife blades

Siirry tuoteryhmään Kahvamateriaalit
Material for handle

Siirry tuoteryhmään Helat


I always begin the making of a knife with the choice of material. The material must fit with the purpose of the knife. Is the knife a present or is it used as a utility knife? How is the blade made? Is a hole drilled through the whole handle or not? Must I use glue or not? These are questions I ask myself during the process.
I use a chemical metal as glue. It doesn´t give after and therefore don´t the sewings crack in the time.
I use mostly 4 mm thick knife blades made of forged carbon steel or stainless steel. These blades are steady, durable and are good looking.
The choice of mountings is also important. They can be made of silver or brass. First you file a hole of 2,5 mm in the mounting. Then you put the blade in the handle, mark it and drill a hole in the shaft (approximately 2 centimeters from the end of the handle). With a right tool I plane the hole to its right size. After that I mix the right chemical metal, put it in the hole and push the blade in the hole. The extra metal comes out. The whole package is pressed for half an hour and after that the metal is hard.
Last comes the finishing of the knife. The line of the handle and the blade should be straight. Every knife maker has they own technique and style but the most important thing is that the knife should fit right in its users hand. 

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