The Knife and Jewellery Artist


Puukkotaiteilija_Esko_HeikkinenFor over 40 years Design Esko Heikkinen has continued the tradition of "Jallu" Jalmari Heikkinen in knifemaking in The Kalajoki region of Finland.


"I work with wood, bone, stone and various metals. I enjoy carving different kind of animal figures with subjects varying from domestic dogs to wild animals. I like to try new things and challenge myself with new ideas. I like it when customers challenge me and I get a chance to realize someones dream!"


The spark for working with stone begun in the late 1970´s. Esko Heikkinen enjoyed a hobby of mineral prospecting which transformed into collecting ornamental stones and minerals and working with stone. This hobby encouraged him to experiment making knives from stone. In time bone- and antlercarving has taken his skills to new dimensions and combining this unique skillset has lead to the creation of magnificent knivedesigns.

Today Esko is a well-known knifemaker in Finland and abroad. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in Finland, Germany, Italy, Sweden and France. He has received many rewards and recognitions. 

Esko creates his own designs but also makes knives based on customers wishes. They make excellent corporate gifts. All knives are handmade and unique and collectors items. 



*All knives come with a maintenance warranty, the first maintenance is free and includes the sharpening of the blade and maintenance of the blade, handle and sheath. The customer only pays for shipping or postalfees.



2003 I-award in stone carving and jewellery design in the Finnish Championships, Carvings.

2003 II-award in knifemaking in the Finnish Championships, in the Open series and honorary mention, in the Jewellery knife series.

2004 II-award in knifemaking in the Finnish Championships, in the  Open series and III-award in knifemaking in the Finnish Championships, in the Jewelleryknife series.

2005 II-award in knifemaking in the Finnish Championships, Open series.

2005 I-award in stone carving and jewellery design in the Finnish Championships, Carvings.

2006 The Nordic Cultural Award in Knifemaking in Gysinge (Ruotsi)

2007 I-award in Knifemaking in the Kalajoki Knife-event.

2008 II-award in stone carving in the Finnish Championships, carvings.

2010 I-award ” The Most Beautiful Knife” competition, Helsinki Knife Show.

2011 Kalajoki Travellighthouse 2010

2011 III-award in knifemaking in the Nordic Championships in Ludvika, class open 8.

2012 I-award in knifemaking in the Finnish Championships 2012, upper class, the fantasy series.



1998 Hannover (Germany) 20.4.-25.4.1998. Joint exhibition, YTOL:n section.

2001-2004 Finland-Germany Society, travelling knife exhibition (Germany) invitation / joint exhibition.

2002 Ravenna (Italy) 13.-14.12.2002 YTOL:n invitation /joint exhibition.

2004-2005 Gysinge (Sweden). KNIVKUL 24.-25.7.2004, 30.-31.7.2005.

2005 Cervia (Italy) Kalajoki Friendship Town joint / invitation exhibition 30.4.-18.5.2005.

2005 Thiers (France) Knife Art Festival 21.-22.2005. Couteau d Art Thiers, Capitale de la Coutellerie.


2002 Kemi jalokivikivigalleria joint / invitation exhibition. Gemstone society 25th anniversary exhibition 21.3.-14.4.2002.

2003-2004 Finlands Stone Center opening joint / invitation exhibition, 17.6.l-31.7.2003.

1997, 2002-2006 Fiskar, Collection of knives awarded in the Finnish Championships 15.5.-31.8.

1990-2010 Kalajoki, summer exhibition in Hiekkasärkät region 1.6.-15.8.

2008-2009 Finnish Stone Center, in connection with ”In the time of the Emperor exhibition” invitation  30.5.2009-31.1.2010.

2008 Esko was selected as the only Finnish artisan to showcase his work in Strasbourg France.

29.11.-24.12.2008 Christmasstreet, one artisan was selected from each country (total of 31 EU countries).

2010 Knife Show in Helsinki 9.1.2010. SKANDINAVIAN KNIFEMAKERS GUILD.

2010 Oulu Tietomaa invitation / personal exhibition 18.6.-30.9.2010.

2011 Artema, Kalajoki. Personal exhibition 21.2.-5.3.2011.

2012 Proton Celebration Exhibition in Galleria 5, Oulu 4.1.-22.1.2012 Joint / Invitation.

2012 Proton travelling exhibition in the Oulu region, 1.3.-30.10.2012.