For over 40 years the Artist Esko Heikkinen has produced the finest handmade Knives and Jewellery from stone, bone and wood creating unique and beautiful artwork and collectors items.





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Jewels and knife artist
For over 40 years has Design Esko Heikkinen continued the tradition of "Jallu" Jalmari Heikkinen in knife making in the Kalajoki region of Finland.
"I work with wood, bone, stone and various metals. I enjoy carving different kind of animal figures with subjects varying from domestic dogs to wild animals.”  Today Esko is a well-known knife maker in Finland and abroad. He has participated in several exhibitions all around Europe. He has received many rewards and recognitions. His handmade knives are unique and have a value for collectors.
Also custom-made knives
Esko creates his own designs but also makes knives based on customers wishes. They make excellent corporate gifts or anniversary gifts for private persons. You can choose from numerous of models which you find from the online store or from the smith shop. In this work- and gift shop you can come and buy a suitable knife, the most beautiful piece of jewels or different materials and tools for knife making. 
Order from the online store
From Esko´s online store you find different knives and knife materials as for example forged knife blades, materials for knife handles (sallow, curly-grained wood, ebony, jet and so on), knife sheath leather and mountings. Esko plans and makes his own knife mountings. First he makes them out of wax and after that he casts them from silver or brass. Read also instruction: Knife making / Knife materials.
Crafts with decades of experience 
Esko has worked with stones and collected minerals for 40 years. In addition to the knives, there are also some personal handmade jewels that you will also find in the online shop. From there you also find old knives, clasp-knives and collector's knives.

New products
Now you can find tools for knife making, grinding and carvings. As new products hand-made kitchen utensils.
Gold nugget –jewels, necklaces and ear rings with or without garnets and some silver jewels. All these jewels are from Esko´s own production and they are casted from silver. They are steady and hold a tough use. The stones on the jewels aren´t glued. They are joined with pins. Then the piece of jewels is free from glue steams and is therefore long lasting.
More new products in the selection! For example half-finished guksi (or in Finnish: kuksa) for do-it-yourself-man or –woman. Guksi is a type of drinking cup traditionally crafted by the Sami people of northern Scandinavia.

Please watch the video: Bone carving from elk horn.
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News and Current Events

Read Esko's Blog

January 2018
So, Christmas and the year 2017, are behind us. The Lennu knife has been handed over to the sitting president. I was shaking hands with President Sauli Niinistö in Ylivieska on 9th December. The Lennu knife was a nice gift according to the president. It goes to his knife collection. Before Christmas a personal thanks from the President and his wife also came in the form of a letter...

The Lennu –knife
When Sauli Niinistö, the President of the Republic and Spouse Jenni Haukio announced of a new family member, I wanted to give them a present. And because making knives is my skill, their dog Lennu was chosen as a model. There were a lot of pictures of the dog so  that made it easy to start working...

Waiting for Christmas 
On Saturday I made plastic liners for sheaths. A new knife model has been launched in the online store (Kalla-knife). How does it look? On the knife and the sheath you will see parts of the church and other typical things from Kalla -island, such as fishing nets, as well as parts from the church roof and the windmill...

Knife dreams -exhibition
At the present I have an exhibition in Raahe 1.8. - 30.8.17. There are about 100 products, of which stone knives are about thirty. Knives with a stone handle are my first knives. I made some of them for 38 years ago. All stone knives are made of either half gemstones, fossilized minerals or ore minerals...

Stone and bone carving
When I started to make knives, I began to make them out of the most difficult material, stone you see. I made the first twenty-three knives out of stone, before I realized that I could make them out of softer material!  It was such a tough job in the early days when the tools were so primitive. There were not a variety of grinding discs. There was only a Russian diamond trimmer for sawing...